C3 Foils are used within various industries for a number of various applications. The manufacture and supply of specialised foils are one of the main core activities of C3 International. The C3 specialist foils can be distinguished by their superior properties.
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Use Dexso D.M.E. and produce purer extracts than with Ethanol, produce more yield per extraction in a safer way than with Butane, and produce everything faster and cheaper than with CO2.
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LED Protect

LED Protect shelters the plant from the negative effects of stress. The use of LED Protect is especially beneficial when using LED lights for the cultivation of plants. It reduces the negative effects of low temperatures, UV radiation, and fungi on the plant.
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Mabo is an automatic fire extinguisher, which intergrates the state-of-the-art technology and a special know-how, putting the fire out unmanned, by dispersion of a glass ampoule containing chemical solution.
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Disposable nitrile gloves

Premium quality black NBR nitrile glove offering excellent protection against dilute chemicals and oils. The 4ml thickness ensures durability whilst maintaining dexterity with textured fingertips for enhanced grip. Quality assured with an AQL of 1.5 and certified complex design EN374 and EN455 approved. Suitable for food use.

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Disposable cobalt gloves

Cobalt is a premium quality NBR nitrile disposable glove that offers good chemical resistance. Lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear, Cobalt offers excellent dexterity and sensitivity with a textured finish for enhanced grip. Quality assured with an AQL of 1.5 and certified complex design CAT III, EN 374 and EN 455 approved.

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Surgically precise cuts minimise plant stress and shorten re-growth time. Sterile, individually wrapped and disposable – these are absolutely essential for any grower taking cuttings.

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Drying net

Modular drying system

This multi-layer Round Dry Net has been designed to hang in a grow tent to allow gardeners to dry their flowers or herbs.


A hygrometer  is an instrument used for measuring the amount of humidity and water vapour in the atmosphere, in soil, or in confined spaces.


Shop our range of pop top and bag packaging in a range of brilliant colours and sizes, ready to customise. Bulk order or buy in boxes to suit your needs. The more you buy, the more you save so stock up with our competitive offers.

Durable and safe, pick from translucent and opaque designs to stand out in your market. Get ready to squeeze and hear that famous and satisfying ‘pop’!

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