Aeros DME Dimethyl Ether Extraction Gas - 500ML

AEROS DME Dimethyl Ether is an organic solvent with a purity of 99.99%. It contains no additives or additives and is thus ideally suited for the extraction of a wide variety of plant material.

The boiling or evaporation point of AEROS DME Dimethyl Ether is at -24.82 ° C and thus evaporates very fast.

AEROS DME Dimethyl Ether dissolves the whole range of plants to be extracted and gives you essential oils / extracts of the highest purity and quality.

Sizes avalible: 500ml content compressed gas cylinder
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C3 Foils are used within various industries for a number of various applications. The manufacture and supply of specialised foils are one of the main core activities of C3 International. The C3 specialist foils can be distinguished by their superior properties.
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LED Protect

LED Protect shelters the plant from the negative effects of stress. The use of LED Protect is especially beneficial when using LED lights for the cultivation of plants. It reduces the negative effects of low temperatures, UV radiation, and fungi on the plant.
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Mabo is an automatic fire extinguisher, which intergrates the state-of-the-art technology and a special know-how, putting the fire out unmanned, by dispersion of a glass ampoule containing chemical solution.
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Disposable nitrile gloves

Premium quality black NBR nitrile glove offering excellent protection against dilute chemicals and oils. The 4ml thickness ensures durability whilst maintaining dexterity with textured fingertips for enhanced grip. Quality assured with an AQL of 1.5 and certified complex design EN374 and EN455 approved. Suitable for food use.

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Disposable cobalt gloves

Cobalt is a premium quality NBR nitrile disposable glove that offers good chemical resistance. Lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear, Cobalt offers excellent dexterity and sensitivity with a textured finish for enhanced grip. Quality assured with an AQL of 1.5 and certified complex design CAT III, EN 374 and EN 455 approved.

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