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Dtek Horticulture fire extinguishing spray fire extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher for hydroponics & gardening

Fire Delete is fire extinguishing spray for extinguishing of minor and initial fires, whatever their cause. It is extremely practical and easy to use for any person without any fire fighting training or education, even for child and very old and infirm persons.
The dispersed solution instantly extinguishes the fire, and eliminates smoke in extinguishing area. Solution remains on the extinguished surfaces as a coating which prevents re-ignition.

does rooting gel go bad

Does rooting gel go bad?

A Yes. Rooting Gel is better than hormone powder. Hormone powder is processed by drying at very high temperatures which de-natures & destroys the natural plant hormones that would be present in a natural concentrated liquid form such as Rooting Gel (Cutting Edge Rooting Gel)

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Can I clone without rooting gel?

Q4 Can I clone without rooting gel? A Yes. You can clone without rooting gel by using alternative methods which are synthetic. However, many gardeners prefer to use organic and natural methods such as rooting gel for a healthier yield of crops and for crop sustainability by cloning organically from foundations. More Rooting Gel questions …

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