what can i use instead of cloning gel,

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Can I clone without rooting gel?

Q4 Can I clone without rooting gel? A Yes. You can clone without rooting gel by using alternative methods which are synthetic. However, many gardeners prefer to use organic and natural methods such as rooting gel for a healthier yield of crops and for crop sustainability by cloning organically from foundations. More Rooting Gel questions …

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What is Rooting Gel?

Q1 What is Rooting Gel?
A Rooting gel is pure and natural liquid plant extract.
Q2 What is rooting gel made of?
A Rooting gel is made of ASCOPHYLLUM nodosum. Ascophyllum nodosum is a large, common cold-water seaweed or brown alga in the family Fucaceae, being the only species in the genus Ascophyllum. It is a seaweed that only grows in the northern Atlantic Ocean, also known in localities as feamainn bhuí, rockweed, Norwegian kelp, knotted kelp, knotted wrack or egg wrack. It is common on the north-western coast of Europe including east Greenland and the north-eastern coast of North America, its range further south of these latitudes being limited by warmer ocean waters.