Environment sensor

Our product range is modular allowing customers to expand on their implementation over time. Customers can start with theMinder units and expand to include one or more controller units.

Our servers monitor and manage all of our devices, running the configuration as defined by our clients. This allows us to provide alerting and additional monitoring and logging functions, it also means our clients can update their configuration and view data remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.


With BullFilter get the best coal (carbon) virgin in the world imported from Australia and extracted from old deposits of millions of years. His triple action provides better quality.Coal is selected and screened only for BullFilter, so our carbon filter is much better balanced with a greater capacity than all filters market. Our Australian coal RC-4/8 has the best ability of the market absorption. 1 gram of carbon RC -4/8 covers an area up to 1000m².

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