Electronic Ballasts, better known as Digital Ballasts, are far more efficient at using energy and are therefore cheaper to run, they produce far less internal heat and are silent in operation. All the electronic ballasts we stock are covered by a three year warranty. When it comes to getting the best out of your lights, digital is best.


Outdoors, plants use light from the sun to help them flourish. Sunlight has a wide spectrum and plants have to use a specific window of the wavelength range of light (400 – 700 nanometres, in case you were wondering) to carry out photosynthesis (the process which they use to convert light energy into the essential sugars needed to grow and survive).


Reflectors for HID lights are a must for any grow room as they help to get the most out of the grow lamp by reflecting light, that would otherwise escape, back down in the direction of the plants giving improved growth and flowering.

There are many different types of reflectors available, from the introductory Euro Reflector, an inexpensive staple for many growers, Air Cooled Reflectors and Cool Tubes, through to the more expensive Parabolic, Wing & Diamond styles, which give a more superior reflection.

LED Lighting

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