Cutting Edge

Cutting EdgeTM ROOTING GEL is rich in the natural plant hormones to initiate and prolong root development. Contains a natural preservative to control unwanted bacterial growth.

LED Protect

LED Protect shelters the plant from the negative effects of stress. The use of LED Protect is especially beneficial when using LED lights for the cultivation of plants. It reduces the negative effects of low temperatures, UV radiation, and fungi on the plant.

PV Natural

PV Natural is the ultimate spider mite killer. Where other products lose their grip on spider mite because of resistance, PV Natural Plant Wash is highly effective. Spider mite are killed instantly and the natural ingredients of the Plant Wash immediately start to cure the plant from the damage that has been done. This healing effect of PV Natural is also very effective against damage done by other causes, like trips, fungi (like mildew) and rot.

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