C3 Silver Foil 50m Roll

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Our C3 foil is a specialized type of foil developed for the US space industry that exhibits the same properties as the 2mm thick Mylar, but in addition to reflecting approximately 92-97% of the light.

Originally used by the military as a defence against infrared sensor devices, it’s now being used in the horticultural industry as a reflective film.

Why use our C3 Anti-Detection Foil?

When the correct foil is not used, heat from the lights is absorbed by all objects, including the walls in the room. ADF reflects 90% of the heat and the thermal core disperses the rest so that most of the heat goes out your exhaust fan, thereby reducing the temperature.

* Reflects 95% of light!

* Reduces growroom temp by up to 5 degrees

Made up of two layers of Mylar, two of insulation and a core of thermal dispersion weave. THE most effective professional thermal sheeting available.

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