Cutting Edge Organic Rooting Gel 50ml

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Cutting Edge Organic Rooting Gel

Following rigorous testing under demanding conditions, this new product has been introduced to compete with existing synthetic chemical products on equal terms but with natural organic material. Subsequently, test-marketing has proven that in everyday use Cutting Edge will actually out-perform non-organic competitors.
As a gel, Cutting Edge will stick effectively to the plant tissue, covering the cut tissues and supplying naturally extracted hormones, trace elements, vitamins, plus other vital nutrients to promote root cell development and seeding growth.
Cutting Edge™ can be used with all rooting mediums and excels due to the following advantages:

  • A pure natural plant extract
  • Obtained from the East Atlantic Ocean
  • Made from Ascophyllum Nodosum (Bladderwrack)
  • This is a natural organic renewable resource
  • Harvested in a way which does not disturb the natural harmony of any ecosystem
  • Harvesting only takes place during periods of high growth and light intensity to ensure maximum hormone content
  • The natural hormones and nutrients that Cutting Edge contains will promote rapid and vigorous root and rooted cutting development
  • Cutting Edge is rich in the natural plant hormones to initiate and prolong root development
  • Contains a natural preservative to control unwanted bacterial growth

What’s different about Cutting Edge?

Firstly the seaweed used to make Cutting Edge is harvested at the time of year when the Ascophyllum Nodosum is undergoing rapid growth and is, therefore, hormone rich. Then it is micronized to form the gel without undergoing the high-temperature heating processes so damaging to the beneficial long-chain molecules we seek to preserve for maximum rooting and early growth stimulation. This all-natural gel is rich in growth-promoting nutrients.

If left exposed to air in warm conditions for too long, you can readily see the growth it stimulates in airborne spores and bacteria. The natural preservative is added to improve the shelf-life of CUTTING EDGE and control bacterial growth on the surface. This will eventually break down in more testing conditions. Following prolonged exposure to inoculums, bacterial growth may become visible. This does not affect the product, simply remove before further use.

That’s what makes Cutting Edge Different as most seaweed products are made from reconstituted seaweed powder which is a commodity traded around the world. To create a dry powder the seaweed will have been spray-dried at high temperatures which denature the natural plant hormones that would otherwise be available concentrated within the seaweed.



Cutting Edge

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