Cutting Edge Rooting Gel 50ml


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Cutting Edge Rooting Gel

At last there is an organic rooting hormone solution for the gardener that that likes to keep everything organic and natural. Cutting Edge have released this Rooting Gel that contains only natural ingredients, assuring the grower that nothing synthetic has gone into their plants from start to finish.

  • Promotes rapid and vigorous root cell development
  • 100% Organic
  • Harvested in a sustainable way
  • Help reduce stem rot
  • Strengthens the plant’s immune system
  • Pure natural extract from Eastern Atlantic Seaweed
  • Supplied in a convenient and easy-to-apply tube
  • Readily covers and sticks to plant tissue

How Cutting Edge Organic Rooting Gel Works:

When taking cuttings, a rooting hormone is invaluable for speeding up the rooting process and preventing rot before roots strike and become established. Until now it has been difficult for the Organic Gardener to find a non-synthetic natural rooting gel that doesn’t disrupt the 100% organic growing process. Now that’s all changed with the release of Cutting Edge’s 100% natural and Organic Rooting Gel. This product is made from seaweed which has been harvested from the Eastern Atlantic Ocean. It is cropped in a completely sustainable way which means that the natural harmony and balance of the ocean is not disturbed. The extract from the harvested seaweed contains natural hormones and anti-fungal properties which, when applied to the bottom inch or two of a freshly taken cutting, will greatly speed up the process of striking roots, and help it to resist stem-rot. It naturally helps to strengthen the cutting’s immune system meaning that it will stand the best chance of becoming a robust and well-developed plant.

How to use Cutting Edge Rooting Gel:

For best results, only choose healthy and thick-stemmed shoots from the mother plant to take a cutting from. Using a sterile and very sharp knife (preferably a brand new sterile scalpel) make a diagonal cut across the stem which is about half an inch to an inch from one of the “nodes” (the point on the stem where leaves come out from). Secondly, slice off the leaves where they join onto the main stem.

Next, coat a bottom couple of inches in the Cutting Edge Rooting Gel and place it into a rooting plug, Rooting plugs such as Jiffy peat-plugs, Rockwool plugs and flex mix plugs all work well. For Organic purposes, peat-plugs or flex mix plugs will help keep everything natural.

Ideally, keep the cutting(s) in a propagator and keep them lit with a cool-blue fluorescent light above it. Take the lid off and lightly mist the cuttings at least once, if not twice a day until roots have become established. 


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