LED Protect 500ML



LED Protect shelters the plant from the negative effects that may occur when using LED grow lights for the cultivation of plants. The infliction of LED Protect ensures maximum plant resistance against all forms of stress. It also results in a medium that is buffered in the whole spectrum of (trace) elements. LED Protect contains all natural elements in directly absorbable form. Because of this, all possible deficiencies in the diet of the plant are avoided. The organic molecules in LED Protect also act as co-enzymes, which ensure that enzymes are activated.

The presence of stabilized salicylic acid ensures optimal management of the plant’s systemic resistance. Adding this hormone induces the highest state of readiness in a plant. LED Protect protects the plant against both abiotic (e.g. extreme heat and cold) and biotic (e.g. spider mites and fungi) threats.

The Plant produces more Vitamin C, which gives the plant a higher concentration of pigment, including betalain and anthocyanin. These substances act as a filter for the plant that protects against harmful effects of UV-radiation that is oftenly present in LED grow lights.

By using LED Protect, you give your plants maximum protection against the negative effects of stress. This results in optimal plant development in all stages of cultivation, giving you more weight from the same plant.

What are the effects of LED Protect?

  • Higher resistance in the plant
  • Better protection against stress (pesticides, cold, heat, saltstress, funghi, rot, tabac-mozaïc-virus, etc.)
  • More Vitamin C
  • Higher effectivity of photosynthesis
  • Stimulates production of bloom hormones
  • More flowers/fruits
  • Faster and heavier bloom development
  • Protects against poisoning due to too much light
  • Protects against harmful UV-radiation


LED Protect

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