Master Gear 600w Metal Cased Magnetic Ballast



Complete Kit
This is a fantasic piece of kit, ideal for both beginners and cost savy experts.  Within this Kit you will receive a – Pro Gear 600w metal housed Ballast – Stucco 50x40cm Reflector – Superplant 600w HPS Lamp.

The Maseter Gear Ballasts are completely pre-assembled and splash proof in a white metallic case, complete with inbuilt cooling fan to prevent overheating.

Ballast Only
600w Master Gear Magnetic Ballast unit. (The ballast is designed to suit high pressure sodium lamps (HPS) as well as metal halide lamps (MH)).

 Stucco 50×40 Reflector
600w Adjust a wing Enforcer Reflector (cover 1.75mtr x 1.35mtr = 2.36 sq. mtrs)

Superplant 600W HPS L
‘Agro’ (blue), red and the Hybrid (MH and HPS)



Master Gear

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